Tuesday, 24 January 2012

an ode to gary lineker

gary lineker gary lineker
what a life you've had
gary lineker gary lineker
i'd love it if you were my dad

mine fucked off years ago

oh gary
you have done so many things
and in a way it is not fair
i wish i could do just one of those things
but you probably dont care

oh gary oh gary
you were a total goal hanger
oh gary oh gary
is mark lawrenson a wanker

he seems like one

goal hanger goal hanger
a yellow card you did never get
no anger no anger
you looked after gazza
when he was upset

oh gary oh gary
"have a word with him" you said
oh gary oh gary
and you pointed to your head

you hung up your boots
and went on the telly
then your hairs went all grey
like the italian, ravenelli

or pip schofield

you like to write poims for your new birds
i read it on the internet
what inspired you to write those words
i bet you've been on punternet

your new wife is fit as fuck
i've heard she's got a lisp
but i bet she's not bothered mates
not with all those free crisps

i love you on the telly
you are smooth but never flash
i even love your sun bed tan
do you remember that moustache

pencil thin 
like erroll flynn
the singer from "hot chocolate"
you sexy thing 
you sexy thing
i dont know why you chopped it

oh gary oh gary
see you on M.O.T.D
oh gary oh gary
one day that'll be me