Thursday, 19 January 2012

about me

i suppose i should introduce myself mates. every web site has a "about me" section so here is mine. this is my "about me", a section about me, duncan jenkins.

my name is duncan keith jenkins. me mam is called val and me dad, well he can get lost. 

i have loved football since a young age when i watched the F.A cup final with my uncle derek. it was spurs v coventry and coventry won 3-2 i think. a man called keith howchen scored an awesome diving header. that afternoon i went out to our back yard to practise diving headers but our yard was made of concreet and i broke two ribs by diving on the floor trying to head in a fake cross. by fake cross i mean i threw the ball to myself and dived to try and head it. i broke my ribs but the worst thing was i did not even connect with the header so it was a waste of time i broke my ribs for nought.

my uncle derek is an oldham athletic fan so they became my team. he took me quite a bit at the time. back then oldham were a top top team and had good cup runs and stuff. my favourite players were roger parmer and andy richie. they were strikers and scored the goals. there was another one called frankie bunns and he scored six goals in one match against scarbrough mates. 

back then football hoolganisam was common place and i saw my uncle derek get smacked for no reason by a burnley fan once. uncle derek started crying and told a copper but the copper said to us "haven't you got homes to go to you scum bags". 

in my teens i watched oldham a bit but the fighting put me off so i stopped going. after one game against manchester united there was fighting outside. all these man utd fans came charging towards us and a big oldham fan next to me shouted "STAND". i was about to run away, i wanted to leg it but i stood still cos he seemed to know what he was doing and he said "STAND". i stood still and 3 utd yobbo's ran up to me and absoloutely kicked my head in. it was a bad idea by that man and i never saw him again cos i was on the floor getting battered.

uncle derek moved to chesterfield for a bit in the late 90s and after i'd stopped watching oldham we visited him and aunty christine and he had a spare ticket for chesterfield v mansfield. i was worried mates cos they hate each other but derek said i could go with his two pals from work and they would look after me.

after the match we went to town to go to macdonalds but there was nutters everywhere looking for troubles. alot of police men were around and thankfully there was no trouble and the mansfield lot went home. i was stood outside macdonalds and 3 chesterfield fans came up to me and said "wtf fuck are you looking at you cheeky cunt. fancy a scrap dick head. lets go up the shambles for a scrap" (the shambles is a little road in chesterfield) i said "no way mates anyway i am chesterfield like you are". but they just wanted trouble they were pumped up for it so they kicked my head in anyway. i got a broken arm broken nose two broken ribs and two black eyes.

i mostly stopped going to football after that i was sick of getting my head kicked in but things have got a bit better in modern times. i am happy to attend games now as a journo and recently went to see liverpool fc v manchester city in a league game. i took my post it notes and a pen but it was very windy and cold and all my post it notes blew away in the wind. one of them went on the pitch L.O.L.

thanks to oldham and chesterfield and stuff i love lower league action and am an expert on old school lower league players. anyone rember phil stant mates. or steve norriss. lower league goal machines. i went to halifax town "the shay" when there away end was a big grass bank. i rember all the fans pissing all over the grass.

i have had good times as well as getting my head kicked in. i rember going to blackpool years ago when the ground was a shit hole. this lad offered me a drag on his spiff before the match and my face went green mates and then i was sick. all the big lads, the top lads where laughing at me and having some great banter. i'd never smoked a spiff before and it was a right laugh mates even though i was sick.

my nicknames are "slam dunc", "slam", "dunc" or "the jenk".

i have had many jobs i have worked at findus frozzen foods, little chef, call centres and i used to be a tea blender. i have been given the sacks quite a few times mainly cos i get caught going on the internet all the time and reading about football, i can never stop thinking about football. 

all this time i have perspired to be football journo and now i am making my dream real. i work from home as a football journo and although it is unpaid atm moment i expect paid work to come rolling in think and fast quiet soon as i have now got over 6.000 followers on twitter and that is more than many big hitter journos like damien johnsons of the B.B.C. and a man called joe lovejoys. he is tim lovejoys dad and i think tim lovejoys is a genius mates i would love to be like him. having said that he is nothing compared to adrian childs who is my broardcasting hero.

away from football i enjoy writing poims, most sports like snooker and darts, and i absoloutely love chicken sandwhiches which i eat every day. i now live in skem which is an absoloute shit hole and a shit place to live i get quite dapressed about it. it is near both manchester and liverpool and that is good cos there both great city's.

if you have any questions about me or my life please feel free to ask and i will try my best to answer the questions about me or my life.

that concludes the "about me" section.


  1. Hi mates. Why do you like Adrian Childs so much? I'd love to read some of your match reports some time if you can transfer them from your post-it notes onto your blog.

  2. i have written a poim about adrian childs which can be found on this blog and also on my facebooks. the poim goes some way to explaining why i love adrian childs so much. i have been a big fan from the very early days when most people had never heard of him.

  3. Hey are you the same guy who tried to save The Bill?

  4. yes mates the very same. that is me. i was featured in the daily mirrors when i was campaining to save the bill. do you mind if i ask how you know about me and the bill. did you see me in the mirror.

  5. Dunc, what happened with your mates on Letterman, did they get the tea shirt with your faces on it?

  6. he is name "gareth" he is the singer in a band called los campsesisnos and they are on tommorow mates. he wanted a t shirt with my face in on it but at last he left it to late so its not going to happen. it will be worth watching though because it is the thought that counts isnt it mates, good to know that while he is on T.V in the U.S.A he will be thinking about me,

  7. I used work for Talkback Thames as a set designer, mainly on The Bill. I vividly remember when Chris Simmons (played DC Mickey Webb for those reading) when he was handed the email sent in by yourself. He was genuinely touched by the poem you included - did you ever get a reply?

    I remember reading about your comments in The Mirror the following day - it's nice to see that the viewers cared so much. Hopefully one day it will be recommissioned.

    Chris is on twitter but he doesn't seem very active but there is a tweet about his new project. Maybe you should tweet him the poem - his followers would love it, I'm sure. @chrissimmons11

    Best regards


  8. woosers mates that is very exiting thank you many thanks for your reply. it must of been so exiting working on T.V. show specially the bill. i still sing the theme tune on a daily basis and sometimes i get emotional about it. i posted on twitter some time ago my ideas for a new charachter for the bill and a couple of script ideas. i will find them and post them here.

  9. before christmas i devized some new charachters in the hope i can reserect the bill. here is the main charachter.

    name: malc jarvis. respected scotish copper from glasgow he's seen a lot of action and has stern dislikes for youths and immigrants. he an honest copper and will ignore basic rules like political correctness to get the job done and not in business of making freinds.

    day 1 responds to call for back up from ben & mel who are being attacked by yobs. nearly runs them over trying to shield stranded officers.

    following the incident he is summend to meadows office but luckily stone has stood up for him so he doesnt get in trouble.

    also heads up an operation to remove gypsys from a disused industrial estate in sun hill with D.S. carter. thats it mates not bad hey mates.