Saturday, 9 June 2012

euro 2012 european paper review june 9th

now its time for my euro paper review, where i scan euro 2012 headlines and stories from across europe and translate them for my followers.

as a journalist it is important to keep up with reaction across europe so i have the european papers delivered to my flat here in skem.

i have obviously mastered english but i am sadly lacking when it comes to other languages so i will use google translate to bring you the latest hot stories from the many hot beds of european football, like italy and spain for example - both hot countries coincidentally.

day one at the euros saw hosts poland held by greece. polish daily "fakt" leads with "90 minutes of big terror - polish footballers yesterday they put the rollercoaster fans who rushed from heaven is". i certainly agree with that.

influentious italian paper gazzetto de la sports goes with the headline "this time karagounis betrays the poland saves equal with greece" while tuttosport roars "lewandowski witch count: juve now we think".

famous french paper l'equipes runs with "smuda: already something" and last but not least is the germany paper "bild" which leads with the headline "yogis have guys in the iced tea".

that concludes this mornings euro 2012 paper review.


  1. Cheers Dunc mates, always like to keep a breast of what's happening on the incontinent

  2. Utter rubbish mates, kaft headline was definitely "who rushed from heaven ARE". U need to upgrade to newer virgin of Google trance late.

  3. Duncan/Sean/whatever your real name is, I know this is not the right place entering this comment but you have disabled the comments section on your other story. This is in regards to Jen. I am a life long LFC supporter just like you. And from the sound of it what he did was indeed despicable, if not utterly unethical. What he did was wrong. But, to go to the club and caused all these is not exactly pleasant as well. What if indeed your rumors were causing LFC more money in transfer fees? Yes he threaten you, but to have the story go public is bad for LFC. I'm not saying you shouldn't have made a formal complaint to LFC, all I'm saying is that, perhaps there was another way? I can't help but think that this story coming up has shot you to fame has anything to do with it eh? All in saying is, a true supporter will just take it as it is. And if I were to react, which I would too as it was directed to family and lived ones, I would want LFC to stay quiet about this. No need to let the world know. I am not as big as the collective that is LFC. I know that if this news go out, I'm claiming fame and damaging my beloved club. That would be my actions. I'm not saying what you did us completely wrong, but would have been better if LFCs name would be publicly smeared. My two cents. Joe.

  4. Some typos there but you get what I mean. Especially the last part, "to ensure LFC name isn't smeared" is what I meant. Lol. Not having a go at you, and definitely not claiming fame here, just a concerned LFC fan. Perhaps your tweets need a bit of adjusting? Think about it. Joe.