Thursday, 19 January 2012

a chant for raul mereiles

unlike many journo's i am gritty and real and have experianced real football on the terraces singing songs, making wanker gestures at away fans pretending to be hard and up for a scrap, and also actually starting loud songs like "lets all have a disco na na na na" where everyone jumps around and goes mental. i have been there and i have done it.

in my spare times i like to invent football songs and chants for some of my favourite players from allsorts of different clubs. 

i dont pick obvious players and one off my favourites at the moment is raul merieles. he first took my eyes playing for F.C. porto in the champions leagues. he then went to liverpool and he did very well. i have made up a song for him and i would love to hear the chelsea fans singing it.

it is to the tune of "thats amoray" by dean martin, who was a top top singer and was actually frank sinartra's brother.

here it is

when the ball hits the net, more regularly than darren bent ....its meireles
tall and slim with shit hair, but we dont fuckin care....its mereiles
pass the ball pinga pinga ping, pinga pinga ping, what wonderful play
play on the wing, in midfield or up front home or awaaayyyyyy

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  1. That is quality mates, do you have one about how shit Swindon Town are. It's Chappers.